Seriously Good Wood Work Brush Stain/ Varnish 21mm


This paint brush has been specifically designed and engineered for controlled painting along edges and into corners. This brush will give you seriously good results when painting woodwork with all stains and varnishes.

KEY BENEFITS Guaranteed No bristle Loss*. The angled brush head gives you more control when cutting in For use with all stains and varnishes.

SUGGESTED USE For use when staining or varnishing flat sections of wooden trim, such as on stair banisters, doors and furniture. For best results rub the brush with a clean hand before use to remove any dust particles. Do not wet.

AFTER CARE After staining or varnishing, these paint brushes require specialised cleaners. Please refer to the stain or varnish tin for further guidance. *Bristle loss may occur if left to soak or if left in a damp area.

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