Orwell Replacement Rotary Line 60mtr (WT1008)


Introducing the Orwell Replacement Rotary Line 60m – the ultimate solution for replacing the line in your rotary dryer! With a whopping 60m of length, you can fit enough laundry to make your arms ache just thinking about it!Made with a special anti-slip PVC coating, this line won’t let your clothes slip and slide like they’re at a slip and slide party! Plus, it’s UV stabilised so you can be sure that your line will maintain its quality and appearance over time, even when exposed to the elements. This incredible rotary line is suitable for most makes and models of rotary dryers, so no matter what brand you have, the Orwell Replacement Rotary Line 60m has got you covered. And with a minimum breaking strain of 60kgs, you can rest easy knowing that your clothes won’t suddenly take a tumble and end up on the ground.��So why settle for a��standard line when you can have the Orwell Replacement Rotary Line 60m? Replace your line in style and with the confidence that your line will stay strong and protected from the elements.

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