Britains favourite household gloves – no.1 best seller in the UK Extra life kitchen gloves from leading brand Marigold. High specification reusable alternative to disposable gloves. Provide a barrier to infection as well as to irritants such as cleaning chemicals. Clean with an antibacterial wipe, a cloth soaked in disinfectant or soap and water. Do not reuse after contact with blood, bodily fluids or extremely soiled items. Extremely durable and tough unlike standard gloves that have one or two layers, these Marigold gloves are triple layered. Higher resistance to puncture and tear and against the harshest of kitchen and oven cleaners. Fitted to the hand and pinched in at the wrist to stop water getting in and make the task easier. Roll-top cuffs for durability and to help them stay up. Natural rubber latex and comfy cotton lining makes them elastic and flexible for comfort in use. Excellent grip due to the ‘safe-hold pattern.

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