Leecroft Gutterbrush 100mm Diameter x 1200mm Long Hooked End


The Leecroft gutterbrushes is the smart way to clean gutters!Simple and ecologically smart, the Leecroft gutterbrushes reduce the need for annual cleaning and prevents gutters from being clogged by branches and leaves.The clever design allows rainwater to flow through whilst the polypropylene bristles��catch��any unwanted dirt and debris – perfect for those using a water butt to collect and reuse rainwater.NO NEED FOR GUTTER CLIPS! Simply place the gutterbrush into the gutter and hook the ends together, no need to cut them down, just fold and excess back on itself! As easy to clean as they are to install, simply remove from the gutter, rinse off dirt and debris and put them back in place! No need to remember which brush went where, they adapt to the shape of��any gutter.

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