Knotting for sealing knots, resinous and creosoted timber to prevent bleeding through paint film.

Sandpaper surface smooth before applying liberally over knots and surrounding area.

Do not sandpaper knotting once applied.

Resinous and creosoted timber should be sealed completely with 2 coats.

Allow 1 hour to dry before priming.

Clean brushes with methylated spirits.

Colour: White

Size: 300ml

For application to bare wood. Clean knots prior to priming/painting. To prevent discolouration of paint film. Use under oil-based and knotting-compatible water-based coatings.
The surface must be clean, bare and sanded smooth. Clean off any excess resin using white spirit and allow to dry. A heat gun may be used (taking care not to char the wood) to draw-out excess resin, then scrape away. If there are cracks or holes around the knot, fill with Rustins Woodfiller, allow to dry, and sand smooth prior to applying Knotting.
Using a brush apply Knotting liberally over the knot and surrounding area. Apply 2 coats. Do not sand after application knotting. Allow 1 hour between coats. Allow 1 hr after final coat before applying primer.

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