Gripit Yellow 15mm x 8 152-258


Gripit Plasterboard Fixings are designed for use with all types of plasterboard installation. The unique Gripit wings fold out in small cavity spaces to create a vice-like grip.

Gripit Yellow Fixings allow you to fix really heavy stuff, like curtain rails to plasterboard walls. They are strong enough for all of the swags and tails as well. One Gripit Yellow holds up to 71kg.

Easy to install, you will require a 15mm drill bit. They are also removable and reusable. Each Gripit Yellow is supplied with a 4.0 x 25mm screw.

This Pack of Gripit Yellow Plasterboard Fixings contains:

8 x Gripit Yellow Fixings
8 x Screws 4.0 x 25mm

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