CLEAR PVC TUBING 5/16″ X 1/16″ (8mm x 1.5mm)


Silicone cadmium free

Suitable for food

Glass clear transparency

High flexibility

Acid alkalis resistant

Increased durability, abrasion and corrosion resistant

Service temperature -15 Glass clear transparency for easy visibility.Excellent abrasion and corrosion properties for increased durability.Good flexibility for ease of use.Manufactured from cadmium and silicone-free materials using a special low toxic, odourless PVC formulation that can reduce the taint of drinking water.EU No.10/2011 compliant for food contact applications.RoHS 3 compliant.Suitable for use with alcohol, petrol, oils, greases and solvents.Highly resistant to a wide range of acids and alkalis.Service temperature = -15��C to + 60��C.NSF51 + NSF61 approved for the transfer of drinking water

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