Caretaker Wood Balsam 125ml


Lord Sheraton Caretaker Wood Balsam provides intensive care and protection to wooden furniture.Based on a traditional formulation, it will gently nourish and clean your wood furniture by removing dust, fingerprint marks, and other grime, while providing a protective coating and lasting shine. It��Ts perfect for restoring dull wood and bringing an old piece of furniture back to life.This wood balsam uses a blend of pure beeswax, pine turpentine, and linseed oil to form a unique consistency for easy application and an instantly polished finish. It contains no water or synthetic waxes, which often have the potential to cause wood damage.Cleans and nourishes -��Restore your wooden furniture and have it looking new again, this formulation will remove dust, and grime marks.Protects -��It leaves a lasting, polished coating to preserve the wooden surface free from damage.Contains pure beeswax -��A completely natural substance, this is highly effective at penetrating the wood grain and sealing it with a waterproof coating.Easy application -��Sparingly apply this unique, buttery consistency, and gently rub into wood using a soft cloth.

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