Buffalo Premium Large Orange Plunger


For: All Kitchen and Bathroom drains including showers, sinks and��baths.��(Commercial, Residential and Industrial Use)These professional Orange��premium cup plungers are arguably the heaviest duty on the market. They clear blocked drains FAST.��The giant 15cm��plunger (1017-5)��has a high capacity cup for forcing large amounts of water onto the blockage and is ideal for large drains. The large 12cm plunger (1017-4)��is ideal for kitchen and bathroom drains. Made from extra heavy duty rubber there isn’t much that won’t get out of the way. For maximum effect, with a tight seal and no air in the cup, a back and forth motion will create high and low pressure at the point of the blockage. This dual action may be needed several times to break up and release stubborn blockages from the sides of the drain. Do not use with acidic drain cleaners, wear hand protection.

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