Beetroot Rainbow Beet


A visually stunning mixture of five beetroot varieties with superb contrasting outer skins, flesh, stems and leaves! Each variety has a deliciously sweet flavour and they can be enjoyed as mature roots or as tasty ‘baby beets’. Delicious whether they are eaten hot or cold, cooked or pickled, Beetroot ‘Rainbow Beet’ can even be sliced raw into salads for a colourful crunch. Try steaming the tender stems and leaves as an alternative to spinach or chard. Height: 30cm (12in). Spread: 15cm (6in).

Collection comprises:
Beetroot ‘Subeto’ F1 Hybrid – Deep, rich, purple-red roots with purple stems and green leaves.
Beetroot ‘Boldor’ – A vibrant globe variety with yellow flesh and an orange outer skin. The yellow stems contrast nicely with the bright green leaves.
Beetroot ‘Chioggia’ – A striking globe variety with red-pink skin and an appealing ‘bullseye’ formation of red and white rings on the inside fading to soft pink when cooked. Pink stems.
Beetroot ‘Albina Vereduna’ – Pure white roots with superb flavour, and pale green stems.
Beetroot ‘Bull’s Blood Scarletta’ – A striking variety with dark burgundy-purple leaves, stems and outer skins. When cut open, roots are cerise pink with attractive concentric rings

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