Aubergine Three Knight F1 Mixed


This champion trio of Aubergine ‘Green Knight’, ‘Violet Knight’ and ‘White Knight’ not only looks fantastic in the greenhouse, but also looks great on the plate and offers a rewarding variety of flavours and textures for all your recipes.

The ‘Knight’ collection bear slender, smooth-skinned fruits in green, white and deep purple which are suitable for both typical Mediterranean dishes as well as Asian cuisine. Early to mature and high-yielding, fruits are borne on compact, disease-resistant and well-branching plants which are perfect for container-growing in the greenhouse.

Aubergines are becoming increasingly popular with chefs who recognise their versatility in the kitchen – they can be sauteed, grilled, baked or fried and readily soak up flavours, providing a tasty and satisfying substitute for meat in vegetarian and vegan dishes. Height: 75cm (30″). Spread: 60cm (24″).

Aubergine ‘Three Knight Recipe Collection’ F1 comprises 9 seeds, 3 of each of the following varieties:

Aubergine ‘Green Knight’ F1 – slender, jade-green fruits which are especially useful as an ingredient in Asian stir fries and curries, with firm flesh and a mild-sweet flavour.
Aubergine ‘Violet Knight’ F1 – long, banana-like fruits with a smooth, deep purple skin.
Aubergine ‘White Knight’ F1 – Asian-type variety producing creamy-white fruits about 20cm long with thin skins and firm flesh

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