The Orwell Jumbo��Laundry Bag��is a versatile and practical solution for all your storage and transportation needs. Made from woven PP and double laminated, this heavy-duty laundry bag is designed to be strong, durable and long-lasting.��Featuring a sturdy metal zip and large carry handles, this laundry bag is perfect for carrying laundry, shopping or any other items around the home. The extra-long handles won’t tear the bag, making it easy to carry even heavy loads.��Each case��comes in a mix of colours, including black, blue and red, adding a touch of style and colour to your storage needs. This bag is ideal for a wide range of items, including clothing, bedding, pillows, shoes, decor and toys, making it a versatile addition to any home.��Whether you need a laundry bag for transporting clothes to and from the laundromat, or a sturdy storage solution for long-term use, the Orwell PVC Laundry Bags are��an excellent choice. Its heavy-duty construction, large handles and sturdy zip make it a reliable and practical option for all your storage needs.

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