00025.415 KILNER MUSLIN SQ. 50X50CM


The Kilner Muslin Cloth fulfils a multitude of food preparation tasks including the following:

Straining and separating curds from whey during butter, cheese and yoghurt making

Keeping meat or fish in tact when poaching

Squeezing juices from fruits for a smooth, fine liquid texture

Infusing sauces, broths and soups with herbs and spices by creating a bouquet garni

Draining the brines from fermented vegetables

Creating jelly bags for jam making and preserving

Filtering cold brew coffee, wine making and craft beers

Made from 100% cotton fabric with an ultra-fine mesh which is soft, durable and machine washable. Sustainable to be used time and time again.

Measuring 50cm x 50cm with a sewn hemmed edge to prevent fraying.

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