Casserole Dish Lightweight 28cm


It’s not often you get to enjoy the best of all worlds. But with MasterClass’ 5 litre casserole dish you can. This sturdy cast aluminium dish conducts heat quickly, and distributes it evenly. The result? Faster cooking times! Designed to revolutionise your daily cooking, it features a stainless steel base, so you can use it on any hob. And that includes induction. it’s also oven-safe, which makes it great for slow-cooking. This smart, black pan is finished with an extremely tough, double scratch-proof layer. This cool, speckled grey coating also acts as a non-stick, so you can cook your favourite stews and casseroles with less oil – for healthier results.

Features Benefits
Self basting lid
Oven safe
Dishwasher safe
25 year guarantee

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